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What my legs do when I’m thinking(2018)

It was a middle of summer. I was working on my assignment in a cafe from the morning. A few hours later, the cafe become full and I lost my concentration. I was watching people and waiting for my concentration to come back to me. Then one guy caught my eyes. He was wearing a full suit, fancy watch and big file next to his laptop. If you imagine the guy who is working at the Wall Street, yes that was him. My eyes slowly scrolled him from head to toe. And when my eyes spotted on his toe, I had to laugh. He took his shoes off(of course it was fancy brown leather shoes), and moving his toe with certain rhythm. My whole imagination of Wall Street completely collapsed. His upper body looked like cold business guy, but his bottom body shows some human part of him. Thin line from a table divided this guy to two different person. Ever since the day, I couldn’t stop watching how are the other people’s legs/feet are doing. And I found so many fun examples all around city. Elegant lady opens up her legs wide, someone was shaking legs like tap dance dancer, double crossed legs, someone continuously touching bare feet. It was interesting to me. It felt like I’m watching whole new world under the table. Our legs are unconsciously reflecting our mind. And then I was questioning to myself, can I make someone’s mind with different posture of legs? What can we read from all the different posture of legs?

I took the bunch of legs photo from many people and divide it to left and right legs. I mixed it randomly and make it as a book format. So people can play around with my book and photos.
Material: Book Size: 14.7 x 20.5 cm